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Charlie Snyder

Class of 2021
Major/Minor: Economics Major, Computer Science and Asian Studies Minor

About me


Stonington CT, Fishers Island School (NY)

-Favorite Spots in Town and on Campus

Honestly, any place that is between the main campus and the boathouse is worth a visit. It is all gorgeous and worth exploring. If I had to pick a favorite though, it would have to be Evergrain or the Book Plate. On campus, nothing beats setting up a hammock on a warm spring day.

-Recommended Class and Professor

For anyone with even a mild interest in learning a language, I strongly suggest taking Chinese with Professor Hull. I love his energy, the way he describes the language, really just a great teacher all around

-Interests, Academic or Otherwise

I love learning about different languages and the way we go about communicating with each other. The difference between even very similar cultures is astounding and only continues to grow the further the languages are separated. I also really enjoy playing with the language itself, seeing exactly what I can say and still have it all make sense. Outside of class, I enjoy animation in all of its forms, from modern CG to traditional 2D works.

-What is Your Favorite Part About WAC?

My favorite part is the sense of family, community, whatever it is you want to call it. There is nothing more refreshing than walking home from class, and running into 5 random friends in separate places and then getting sidetracked for 10-30 minutes as you just chat and catch up. Once you establish your connections here, there will always be someone to talk to.

Campus Involvement

-Men’s Rowing

-Peer Mentor

-Presidential Fellow