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Intern’s Report: Exploring Literary Graphic Design

  • Abby Wargo '20
    Abby Wargo '20
March 25, 2020
Literary House Press Intern Abby Wargo ’20 writes about the first half of her internship.

Although I have been involved at the Literary House since my freshman year, this spring has been my first semester working here. But the past seven weeks I’ve spent as the Literary House Press intern have barely felt like work, although I’ve done a lot of it—technically, I’m halfway through the internship. So far, I’ve designed Cherry Tree bookmarks for LHP to give out at the AWP Conference, planned marketing strategies for the subscription drive, implemented those strategies, and designed and laid out the 2020 version of the LHP catalog.

I worry about almost everything; it’s a natural talent of mine. Before I started this internship, I worried that I wouldn’t do a good job of anything and find the tasks impossible to complete. As soon as I started, though, I realized that I really had nothing to worry about. Lindsay, Julie, Prof. Kesey, and Dr. Hall have been supportive and encouraging, and working in the conference room with all of the other Literary House interns have made the ten hours I work each week go by quickly. I am sad when I have to leave in the evenings. Like I said, it’s barely work when you enjoy what you’re doing.

It isn’t just the people that have made this experience so wonderful. Creating the bookmarks and designing the catalog were two things that I stressed about, but once I got into the groove of things, the work was almost reflexive. I have welcomed the opportunity to expand my graphic design abilities by creating different kinds of products. I have a lot of experience with InDesign from my tenure on The Elm’s editorial staff, but newspaper layout, as it turns out, is a bit different than a product catalog! The effect of seeing the finished product digitally but especially once it’s in the world as a physical object, is the same for anything I’ve designed—for me, that makes everything worth it. I guess you could say…graphic design is my passion.

In the fall, I served as the Production Intern for the sixth issue of Cherry Tree, which was my first opportunity to work on the journal. This issue holds a special place in my heart because of that, so promoting it as part of my LHP internship is a natural next step. I have very much enjoyed coming up with ways to market the journal—I’ve made so many Cherry Tree-related memes that I can’t possibly tweet them all (but I’m going to try). Speaking of Cherry Tree…if you’re reading this, you might as well subscribe! I hope people enjoy reading the journal as much as I have enjoyed the behind-the-scenes work.

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