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2020 Lit House Student Prize Winners

  • 2020 Senior Reading poster
    2020 Senior Reading poster
April 24, 2020
At the online version of the 2020 Senior Reading, the Rose O’Neill Literary House announced this year’s winners of three annual student creative writing prizes: The Literary House Genre Fiction Prize, The William W. Warner Prize for Creative Writing on Nature and the Environment, and The Jude & Miriam Pfister Poetry Prize.


You can watch the complete 2020 Senior Reading and writing prize announcements here.

The Literary House Genre Fiction Prize is a prize awarded to a Washington College undergraduate for the best work of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, or horror. The winner receives a cash prize of $500.

This year’s Genre Fiction Prize was awarded to senior Heber Guerra-Recinos for his flash story, “Your Brother is No Longer Here.” Honorable Mention for the prize was awarded to junior Justin Nash for his short story, “Getting Over It.”


The William W. Warner Prize is awarded to the Washington College undergraduate who shows the greatest aptitude for writing about nature and the environment. This prize is named for, and was endowed in the honor of, William W. Warner, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Beautiful Swimmers: Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay, based on his experiences living and working among crab fishermen on the Chesapeake. According to Mr. Warner’s wishes, the judges will give preference to—but will in no way limit their consideration to—students who write about the natural history of our Atlantic Littoral, from the Canadian Arctic to the Gulf of Florida. The winner receives a cash prize of $500.

This year’s Warner Prize was awarded to senior Kailani Clarke for her essay, “Desperate Times Call for Communion with Dirt.” Honorable Mention for the prize was awarded to junior Justin Nash for his essay, “Leaving and What’s Left Behind.”


The Jude & Miriam Pfister Poetry Prize was created through the Academy of American Poets, one of the nation’s most influential poetry organizations, and is administered through the Washington College Department of English and the Rose O’Neill Literary House. The prize is awarded to a Washington College undergraduate for a single poem and the winner receives a cash prize of $100 and a certificate from the Academy of American Poets.

This year’s Pfister Poetry Prize was awarded to sophomore Teddy Friedline for their poem “Gender Of The Poet, As Evaluated Through First & Second Derivative Tests.” Honorable Mention for the prize was awarded to freshman Iskandar Haggarty for his poem “of loving a boy in a place where you could be killed for it.”


We offer our most sincere congratulations to this year’s prize winners for their fine writing!

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